Rhythm Beads

£28 + p&p


Rhythm beads are highly recommended for nervous or spooky horses. The jingle bells create a gentle music for your horse which encourages focus and provide a calming distraction from those scary monsters rustling in the hedge. As a nervous rider you have probably been advised to listen to music or sing 'twinkle twinkle little star' to calm your nerves - rhythm beads work in exactly the same way for your horse... Simple, but makes sense doesnt it?... 

Our bespoke and high quality Rhythm Beads have been created to relax your horse and create rhythm - which are the first and most important building blocks on the 'pyramid of training' for any horse and rider. 

The gentle jingle of the bells are an excellent aid for the unbalanced horse or rider to learn rhythm.... It will take time for a novice rider to develop a 'feel' and balance in the saddle - think how much easier would it be to learn rhythm if you could 'hear' the movement underneath you? 

As well as the many physical benefits, they also look 'fabulous' . In the age of 'matchy matchy' our rhythm beads can be created with endless possibilities of designs and colours - each one completely unique and designed with passion and confidence in this product. 

These beads are adjustable to fit most horses from 13hh to 17hh - if you have a smaller or particularly finer breed pony please let us know and we can adjust them smaller for you.

Our rhythm beads are created with high quality cord and are designed to look good and last long. They are not 'gimmicky', they are attractive products with purpose to add to your tack collection at an affordable price of ?£28 each (+p&p) ?

They will even come delivered in a pretty gift bag which makes them an excellent and unique gift for a loved one or an exciting purchase for you and your horse. 

These images are just a few examples of the hundreds of designs we have created and sold. Please message us for current stock list or if you have a particular colour scheme you would like us to create for you. 

See some of our customers photos below and check out the fantastic reviews from customers who are over the moon with the results!