Training and Assessments

All of our horses are offered the time to gain valuable life experience before sale which enables them to develop their education and grow in confidence. Our training and assessment programme is tailored to provide a safe, sensible, reliable horse for the amateur riders and happy hackers.

Unlike most dealers, we don't tend to do 'quick turnarounds'. We prefer to buy low mileage / unspoilt horses which we can put our own stamp on. We work with our horses for an average of 6 weeks before we sell them on. The time we put into our horses allows us to bring them on to a standard that we trust. It gives us the opportunity to try our horses in most situations, and allows us to gain an in depth understanding of each horses individual needs and temperament in order to match them with their most suitable homes.

As standard, the vast majority of our horses have fantastic temperaments and are very easy to do in all ways with no behavioural issues - we only buy horses with a good nature!

Our horses are all kept up to date with farrier / dentist / worming / vaccinations / physio (if required) as standard practise to ensure they are in good health and comfort. 

Once our horses arrive they are allowed as much time as they need to settle into their new environment. We initially do plenty of groundwork and have pamper days to build a personal relationship with our horses, and they have a flexible routine of stabling and turnout.

Our horses are hacked regularly both alone and in company in many different environments. We do plenty of roadwork and expose them to all types of traffic. We test them in open spaces in all paces. We often transport them away from home and visit the family farm letting them meet all the farm animals. In the warmer months we enjoy pub rides where our horses wait patiently being fussed by the village locals. We cross railway bridges, splash in the river, and jump logs in the forest. We attend local shows and sponsored rides when possible, and generally use and enjoy our horses as they would be in any private family home.

Our horses are schooled to a basic standard and most are produced to a level where they are straightforward and easy enough for most riders to pick up the reins. We often transport them to the local yard away from home and make use of their larger arena and show-jumps. We have many riders of different levels and abilities that ride our horses, we won't advertise a horse as 'suitable for a novice' unless we have had a novice rider try the horse within its discipline.

What we aim to achieve with our horses is to learn their likes and dislikes, build on their education, develop their strengths, understand their quirks and weaknesses, and improve their confidence in areas where it may lack. Any quirks, vices, or specific needs we discover will be declared and discussed before you view - we don't want to waste anybody's time! We don't aim to produce the perfect pony - we simply aim to know them well enough to find them their perfect home!

horse being washed
cob on farm next to goats
horse next to road blocked sign
riding white cob through water
policewomen riding cobs
cob riding obstacle track
girl riding cob backwards
horse sniffing small dog
horse riding next to vehicle
riding in field
horse jumping over pole
group of horses riding
group of horses together
horse grazing
horse performing jump
horse in field of flowers
horse next to bike rider
white cob riding
horse being led
horse riding on road
horse jumping over pole
horse trotting down road
woman leaning on horse
two horses next to parked truck on road
riding around yard
training using floor poles
horse riding next to field