Customer photos

We enjoy keeping in contact with our customers and take great pride in watching their partnership blossom with their cobs from us. We have a social group on facebook where we receive regular updates from our customers. Feel free to join our group by clicking this link

See the photos below of some of the amazing cobs we have sold that are loving life with their new families.
horse jumping over log
girl riding white cob
little girl on black and white cob
horse with ribbons attached
horse jumping over obstacle in race
cob jumping over hay
lady next to horse holding rein
girl on horse with winning ribbon on chest
girl riding horse racing though water
girl being led on horse through rain
cob standing in the ocean
cob with pink mane
girl kissing horse on cheek
racing on grey cob
lady on spotted cob
cob leading santa and elf sleigh
girl standing next to horse
girl on horse standing next to dogs
horse led onto ramp
little boy kissing horse on nose
woman in riding outfit on horse
girl and cob with winning ribbons attached
little girl on brown horse
girl in riding outfit on white cob
girl on running dark brown horse
young girl riding
woman riding
male riding in field
brown and white cob
young girl riding cob
woman riding in city
black and white cob side profile
girl riding white cob
girl riding in field
riding cob next to barn
cob side profile
riding cob
young girl on cob
riding school
riding cob
male riding cob side profile
light brown cob
riding cob
riding through woods
riding cob
cob being saddles
cob standing
riding cob
white cob
horse jumping over pole
riding side profile
riding on road
horse with sticky notes
horse being ridden
white horse side profile
horse running next to ocean
group horse riding
horse being led
woman holding horse leash
horse jumping over pole
horse running
girl hugging horse
white horse jumping over log
two horses standing
horse jumping over low pole
riding dark brown cob
white cob in field
spotted cob standing
dark brown cob in field
girl riding black and white cob
horse won competition
man hugging horse while riding
riding dark brown cob
grey speckled cob
horse performing jump
horse performing jump over pole
white cob with two riders
riding on cob
horse jumping over obstacle
black cob side profile
cob being ridden
horse jumping over log
white and brown cob
cob in stable
cob with ribbon in mane
cob kissing girl
riding cob with ribbon in mane
white cob riding side profile
jumping over log
horse standing in field
horse performing jump over pole
horse jumping over obstacle
white cob grazing on snowy ground
horse jumping over log
young boy on black and white cob
white cob at riding school
cob being led
light brown cob in field
two cobs standing together
black and white cob laying down
two cobs standing in yard
face of black and white cob with pale eyes
cob jumping over pole
cob walking through mud
selfie on horse
two girls riding together
white cob being led performing jump