Sales process / terms and conditions


  • Covid restrictions apply. 
  • Viewings are by appointment only.
  • Our horses can be viewed in Hook, near Basingstoke, Hampshire.
  • We are open for viewings 7 days a week during daylight hours.
  • There is no time limit or restrictions during viewings - you can spend as much time as you like grooming and handling before riding. The time you spend viewing a horse is valuable and key in making a confident final decision.
  • Our horses can be seen in the fields and in the stable, if you would like to catch, bring in and groom the horse yourself, please let us know beforehand, otherwise they will be in and ready to greet you over the stable door.
  • One of our riders will show the horse ridden before you try, and can provide tuition during your trial.
  • We have excellent trial facilities including a 20x40 arena, jumps, off-road hacking, roadwork, and canter tracks.
  • Multiple viewings are encouraged and trainers are welcome.
  • Any person riding a horse on a viewing is required to have their own riders insurance and by agreeing to terms and conditions will take full responsibility for any accident / injury or death. 
  • We have an unlimited supply of tea, coffee and biscuits!

Deposits and payment:

  • We require a 10% non refundable deposit to secure the sale of a horse.
  • We politely ask that full payment is completed within 7 days of leaving a deposit.
  • Deposits are non-refundable unless a horse fails a vetting.
  • Cash or bank transfer is accepted.
  • Payments by bank transfer must be completed before the horse leaves our yard.


  • We politely ask that vettings are to be completed within 7 days of leaving a deposit.
  • Our horses are open to any vet check by a vet of your choice. We can provide a list of vets in our area.
  • Please note that if you require a strangles test we must be notified of this before the day of the vetting and we will require an increased non-refundable deposit of £500. A positive blood test will require a follow up scope / guttural pouch wash at the cost of the buyer. If a positive result should be concluded at this point, any further treatment would be at the cost of Trinas cobs , where it would be assumed the sale would go ahead once treatment was complete and a clear result given.


  • We politely ask that transport is to be completed within 7 days of leaving a deposit.
  • We can arrange transport for you if required at an agreed price.
  • All transport costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Returns policy:

  • Consumer rights act 2015 applies; otherwise all refunds, returns and exchanges are at the discretion of Trinas cobs.
  • In the case of any return, refund, or exchange, the buyer is responsible for all costs incurred including transport, keep, and fees.


No loans or LWVTB

No payment plans

No tack included

Px considered